Sunday, February 16, 2020

DIY Trivets

These DIY trivets from Hallmark’s Home and Family would make a nice gift.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Frankincense Face Cream

Frankincense has wonderful anti-aging properties. It is hailed as a stress reliever. It soothes inflammation and aids in sleep.  It’s a cancer fighter!  This DIY face cream looks like a perfect cream to try!  

DIY Facial Toner Wipes

Another must make DIY. 

Tuesday Morning Tea Time Talk

This morning I learned that a friend of mine from school days had past away.  I had thought of her several times last week and thought I should text her and see how she’s doing.  I didn’t do it.  Makes me feel so bad right now.  I honestly believe those thoughts are often urging from the Holy Spirit to respond.   It’s too late to remind her I am thinking of her and that I care. But it is once again a reminder to me to respond to these thoughts when they come to mind. Hold close these that are near and let those far away know that you love them and that you care.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

For Today

Looking out my window
I see the stellar jays and woodpeckers eating from their feeders in the lilac tree. Those pesky squirrels like to try and raid them!  Lol

I am thinking
Of how I couldn’t find something this morning for a craft I wanted to make for my great grandchildren. 

I am thankful
No rain today!!!  

One of my favorite things
The moon coming up over the east hills.
I am creating
Gift boxes

I am wearing
Casual today as every day!  

I am reading listening to
Alexa play my Maranatha playlist

I am hoping

I am learning

In my kitchen
Need to be in there picking it up! 

In my garden
I noticed my rhubarb getting little nubbins!

Doug’s not been feeling good. Not much else going to be happening here today.

The Grings

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In the late 1970s.  We entertained (?) missionaries for a Sunday afternoon.  They were home on furlough and we had the opportunity to feed them Sunday dinner and visit with them about their ministry.  I remember their prayer card in my Bible and on a bulletin board in the kitchen for years. Pray fro the Grings.  Now in 2013 I am truly learning how committed and dedicated this wonderful couple truly were.  Bob and his wife were 2nd generation Grings missionaries in the Congo.  Today Bev (Grings) and Lee Ward serve in the Congo along with her Brother, Dan and several of his children, now 4th generation missionaries to the Congo.  I am impressed with their courage and dedication to the Lord.  They have escaped the country in difficult times in the 60s with gun fire whizzing past them as they ran to a helicopter to get out of the country.

Life in the Congo became the normal life for them.  And why?  Because despite the language differences, despite the violent and disruptive life style, they loved these people and more than that they LOVED their LORD and had a heart for bringing the gospel to the Congo.  

Luke 12:15 says, "A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesses. "  These second, third and fourth generation have not grown up with the "things." we in America have.  They knew little of the phonographs, the records, the toys of my generation let alone the IPhones, the tablets, the X boxes, electronic games, TVs, videos, DVDs, CDs, instant cameras! 

Hearty Tomato Soup

This Hearty Tomato Soup is good for a cold fall or winter night. Have made this a couple times with the ricotta topping.  Love that I have leftovers to freeze and put away for a busy day!  The recipe comes from Hallmark’s Home and Family. 

Fun for any time!

Going to make a couple of these to send to my great grandchildren in Arizona today.   I will try to post pics when I am done.  The picture and idea come from Hallmark’s Home & Family

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Matcha Face Scrub

Lip gloss

Must try this!

Bath Salts

This is another great diy.  Will be making in smaller containers for our bazaar.

Lotion Bars without bees wax

Another lotion bar to try.

Lotion bars

Made these lotion bars yesterday. They will be Valentine Day gifts.  Fun and easy. Recipe from a recent Hallmark Home and Family.  Might try these with Shea butter next time. The cocoa butter was a bit over powering.  But I love them! 

Shower Fizzies!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Making body butter

My girlfriend and I absolutely love Kym Douglas’ beauty DIYs from Home and Family.  We got together in November and made Body Butter to sell at our women’s ministry table at a local bazaar. They went over very well. We will be making next year and adding some new, fun ideas!  

I’m behind in my Christmas gifts!  Got sick after Thanksgiving so that set me back.  But been busy DIYing a few gifts. I made some shimmer sticks for the granddaughters. A fun facial scrub made with charcoal and crocheted some facial scrubbies, too.  My favorite show is Hallmarks Home and a Family and the diy beauty recipes came from there.  Love Kym Douglas, who shares many natural beauty DIYs! 

I am so blessed with these dear friends from our church. We get together to celebrate birthdays and of course, Christmas!  We had our annual Christmas lunch at the Trellis Cafe in Puyallup. A WONDERFUL place to enjoy.  Our friend, sewed the cute aprons for each of us.    Friends are a true gift!  

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Kitchen Scrubbies to hang from faucet

Making these fun scrubbies for our church ladies table at a local craft bazaar.  They are really nice. They hang from the faucet when not in use.  Just trying to find a fun crafty way to say that on a tag to tie on to them.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


He asked. She said yes!  Blessed to be adding a new granddaughter to our family! 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Baby Afghan gift

This sweet chunky, cutie was the recipient of my spiderweb baby Afghan.  Turned out beautifully!  The pattern is from a Leisure Arts baby Afghan book. I have made this pattern several times.  Easy yet looks so complex.

One Shhet pan Chicken

This is a must try recipe!   From Hallmarks Home and Family. Made last week. Flavors so infused the chicken. Moist, juicy, tasty!  This willl be an easy, delicious regular to our dinner menu!  My granddaughter loved it also!  one Sheet pan chicken.

Crafting day

Crafting with friends is ALWAYS the best.  Got together with these lovely ladies to create these embellished sunglasses.  They turned out so very cute and just the fun together was so worth it!  I got the idea from Hallmarks Home & Family  Paige shared this craft a few weeks back   I will definitely be making more again this summer when my granddaughter comes to stay for a week of VBS.   I love to craft and crafting with friends is even better!  We will be doing more of these fun times together!  

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Valley Bible Church Halloween Outreach

At Halloween, our church reaches out to the City of Pacific, Washington by having a warming station.  We hand out candy to the kids, and have cocoa, coffee and hot dogs for everyone!  It is a fun evening while we share who we are in the community.  Our goal is to reach the city of Pacific with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thankful to the faithful servants that show up to help and for each family that came by and got their goodies which also included information about our church and a gospel tract.