Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dollar Store Art apron from dish towel from Obsessively Stitching

Hope you will check out this adorable tutorial at Obsessively Stitching. How cute is that! I think I will make a few for my younger grandchildren. The picture is from Obsessively Stitching, it is NOT mine.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tea Towel Cupcake Tutorial!

This is an adorable tea towel cupcake tutorial. Please check it out... and note, the pic is not mine but from yoonie-at-home!

MaryJanes and Galoshes

MaryJanes and Galoshes

MaryJanes and Galoshes: No Slip Bookmark Tutorial

Clever idea!! Great tutorial. Picture NOT mine it is by Mary Janes & Galoshes.
MaryJanes and Galoshes: No Slip Bookmark Tutorial

Fabric Bracelet tutorial

How cute is this fabric bracelet from Friskars Crafts? Click here for the tutorial! Picture is NOT mine, it is from Friskars!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teeny Tiny Tote pouch on a clip Tutorial

Here is another GREAT tutorial that I found today! Please check out the tutorial for this Teeny Tiny Tote at em ay kay ee! The picture is from EM AY KAY EE, it is not mine. Isn't this cute? Would make great gifts, maybe a stocking stuffer for a teen ager girl!

Sew a Puzzle Bag Tutorial

I like getting ideas for gifts for my grands. This is a nice puzzle bag tutorial. The picture is NOT mine, it is from Yay! I made it!

Shopping Cart Coupon Organizer Tutorial

I am just coming up with all kinds of new ideas. I love this Shopping Cart Organizing Tutorial by Blue Cricket Designs. The picture is by Blue Cricket Designs. Check it out!

More Sandwich Wraps Resuable

I think this is my favorite yet!! Please check out this tutorial at Chica and Jo.

Picture is from Chica and Jo.

Another going Green sandwich wrap tutorial

Another great tutorial! Again the picture is NOT mine it is from betz white. Check it out!

Sew a Reusable Sandwich bag tutorial

What an excellent tutorial for this sandwich bag at French Sleep Deprivation blog. The picture is HERS and NOT mine! Please check this out. I am thinking I might make some for my grandchildren that take their lunches to school. :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Water Bottle Fountain

I hope my grandkids come and visit soon. This looks like a fun craft for boys or girls! Picture is not mine, it is from Origami Mamma. Please check out this tutorial. http://www.origamimommy.org/2010/08/tutorial-water-fountain.html

They Call Me Carol, But I’m Diane

Here is another very cute gift idea from They Call Me Carol, But I’m Diane ! What little girl wouldn't like this bracelet! The picture if from In My Own Style. Please go and check out the blog!

Expect Moore: Pocket Week - Pocket Quiet Book

Expect Moore: Pocket Week - Pocket Quiet Book: Another cute idea. Please note the picture is by Expect Moore. Check out her blog. very nice!

Make a pillow case

Today when I stopped to get my iced tea drink from a favorite latte stand on the way up to my FAVORITE store, JoAnn's, the barista told me that her grandma used to make them pillowcases every Christmas and how much she loved them. I thought about that. And I thought some more. Not a bad idea to add to their gift. This year I am making the grandkids fleece vests (yes, I still have fleece!) And I think that adding to the gift with a home made pillowcase, made with love and fabric chosen with their colors and personality and likes in mind would be fun. They can use it for their pillow or they can pack dirty clothes in it or pack goodies in it, what ever their little hearts desire. And maybe, just maybe, they will keep them over the years and remember their grammie, who loves them so much! Maybe a piece of me to carry with them after I have gone on......... So, I did a search and came up with this tutorial for them. I like it! The picture is not mine it is their picture from the blog.
Please check out her tutorial and her wonderful blog! Film in the Freezer

Again, picture by Film in the Freezer.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friends are Forever

Friends forever. True Blue.... There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother? All wonderful descriptions of the few true friends that we find in our life. A reunion this weekend... a reunion of old friends that love one another and hear one another and nourish one another and most of all TREASURE one another. My friend, it has been years since we have seen one another. We reconnected last year and had a wonderful talk and have emailed, chatted and prayed for one another and yet we just couldn't make the connections with the life going on around us..... time.... worldly busyness, godly busyness, family busyness... then the note... the note that you get and you read between the lines... you sense and know that your friend needs you... no matter what... and you have to respond.. you can put things off no longer..... The sister that neither of us ever had..... Well, that is what yesterday brought... Good friends, best friends back together for a reunion... yes, there were tears... yes, there have been struggles in the time past... but the tie that binds was still intact... Our bond in Christ and the friendship that endures time and circumstances. I love my friends, Randy and Pam. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing together! I am so thankful to our Savior for this special friendship and for the joy that we shared and will continue to share. Friendships that can just take off where they last were together... ones that withstand the ebb and tides of our lives... Ones that know alllllllll about us and love us anyway!

Hubby recognized and felt the bond immediately upon meeting them also. And he met another friend..... he fell in love with Bitsy! lol Bitsy is a Bull Mastiff and she is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs we have ever met. We weren't quite sure how she and our Spot would get a long so we didn't mix them up .... but our Spot did get out and enjoy it too.... ending up in their pond at one time! Wish we had seen that happen.... we saw him AFTER he got out and was all wet of course!