Sunday, December 29, 2013

~Crock-Pot Pancakes! | Oh Bite It

~Crock-Pot Pancakes! | Oh Bite It

This is a must try the next time grandkids are here! :)  LOOKS YUM! :)

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A sad loss in our lives....

Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our beloved Golden retriever.  He got some kind of infection and early Monday morning we had to put him down.  Spot gave us such joy and laughter and comfort in our lives.  When we went to pick out Spot, he chose us.  I had been holding him and put him down.  The owner was calling all the puppies over and Spot started to go but did a 180 and came and laid himself down right over my feet and stayed there. There was NO choice but to bring him home with us.  He was such a sweet dog from the very beginning. He was house trained quickly.  He loved to be with us wherever we went.  Never once chewed up a pair of shoes!  Quite a few of his toys but never our shoes or socks.  He was such a bright spot in our lives.  Constantly underfoot!  lol  He would love to watch his daddy out the window when he was out in the yard. When he was little he had to jump up with his front paws on the sill to see out.  As an adult all he did was lay his head down on the sill and watch.  And watch many things out that window.  The birds.  The rabbits. The trains.  He would sit at the edge of the property and watch the cars in the distance on the freeway.

Many times he would sit at the top of the hill and wait for me to come home.  When he saw the car he would run and grab his ball and prance around the car and when my door opened, in he would climb to welcome me home!  He loved to play ball. Dad loved coming home to his happy being every night after work.  I think of all the times that Dad would be out working in the yard with the weed eater or blower.  Spot didn't care for that noise so he would come sit away from them but as soon as dad took a sit down rest, there would be Spot ready for some loving!  he would love to go over with dad to feed the neighbors chickens. By our sides, that made him happy!  He loved to play with the grandkids.  We have so many treasured pictures of him and a few precious videos.  Doug and I have been pouring over them, laughing and crying.   He was protective of me.  He loved peanut butter and if we were going somewhere for the evening we would load up the kong with peanut butter as a treat so he wouldn't miss us too much!  And who but us would load their precious pet in the car and take off for a ride so that he could see cows!  He was so attentive when he saw them!  He just brightened our days!  He was part of our waking up in the morning and our going to bed at night!  and everything else that filled the inbetween!  The last few days of his life were so difficult.  He was on antibiotics for an infection but was not eating or drinking.  I laid down with him on Sunday morning.  I told him that God created him and that God loved him and cared for him.  He cares for the sparrow I know he cares for Spot.  And Spot wiggled his tail as if to tell me, yes, He does. He is the Creator of all things.  Later in the afternoon, I told him that Kayden was coming to see him. He always loved to play with her.  I think now that Spot held on until after she left. 

When Kayden came, Spot was laying on the ground.  He heard her voice and he wagged his tail like he had not wagged it in 2 days! All it took was hearing her voice!  She petted him and he loved it.  One hour after she left, he began to shut down.   He was such a smart and loyal and faithful dog.  He faithfully slept next to my side of the bed every night.  Only when a grandchild was there did he sleep elsewhere.  He sensed that they needed him so he was there by their sides.  Everyone loved Spot.  They didn't like the slobber but they loved him.  He truly was our gift from God.  We miss him so very much.  There are such voids in our lives.  When Doug gets his cereal in the morning, when he goes outside to vacuum out the back of the van, when he comes home from work each night to an empty house rather than the eager, waiting black nose in the window.  For me it is the hours at night after Doug goes to bed, the companionship of his nearness, his getting the ball every morning when I put on my shoes as I get ready for work; as if to say, "Stay and play ball with me, mom!"  The sharing the bed after dad leaves for work in the morning.  The waiting just outside the entrance to the kitchen for me to drop something and call him in to get it!  The love he shared.  No bigger heart can ever be found.  He has left a hole in our lives but it is filling with so many wonderful memories.  We miss you Spot.  Forever loved.  Fur ever loved.