Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

I miss you, Mommie!

6 years ago today, I witnessed my mom take her last breaths on this earth. I still miss her so very much. There are so many times when I reach for the phone and want to call her and share something with her, the good things, the bad things, the inbetween things! Thank you, Mom for all that you did for me all that you gave me and I don't mean material things. I love/loved my family. I thought we were perfect. lol I don't know when I realized that we had our dysfunctions as did ALL and EVERY family, but it didn't matter! That is family! We wouldn't be this side of heaven if we were perfect! But you were the best mommie. You were the mom that God gave me and designed JUST for me. And who knows better than He!!!!??? I will always think of you and miss you, mom. I will always have a special place in my heart for you. But as much as I love you, I couldn't wish you back here. I know that you are happy in Heaven. I so clearly remember that Saturday morning in the hospital and you taking my hand and saying "I want to go Home." I said I know mom to your apartment and you said, "NO! I want to go HOME." I knew what you meant. I didn't want to let go but I knew i had to. I remember asking you to give my daddy and my son, whom I never held a hug for me. But what I forgot is that you had 3 babies in heaven before us that you would be united with. Thank you, mom. And thank you for that special moment that will forever be etched in our minds as Mike, Mark, Ben and I sat by your bed, praising you in words and loving you as you left us to be in your Forever Home. You have left a legacy of love and we are so blessed!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I love it when the grandkids sing!


We had fun visitors last weekend. My oldest son and his family came over to visit for the weekend. We started our visit out with a trip to the Seafood buffet at the Casino. LOVE cracked crab!! Every one had a great time.

Sterling was happy to see Papa Doug!

Keizer must have had a very important business phone call! (not his phone, he was playing with dad's)

My beautiful daughter in law. Shelley is such a blessing to me. Although it was a little hectic with young kids, everyone enjoyed the time at dinner. We had been there 2 weeks before with my youngest son. :)

Wow, Gramma! This is a huge cookie!!!!!

I ask you very confidentially, Ain't she sweet? :)

Daddy and Sterling. Sterling was a little sweetie at dinner. He sat by me and he continuously took my hands off of him or grabbed them and made me put my arms around him. He was just funny!

All the little ones seem to like to play in Spot's "room".

Vienna was delighted when Spot decided to keep her company at bedtime. :) He loves it when the kids come over!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What does 15 look like?

It looks like my oldest and beautiful granddaughter! I love you oh so very much! I can remember loving you the moment that I found out you were coming into our lives. I remember our Dandy Dandy Dandy Dandelion days.... spending time with grammie and all the craft times we have shared together. I have prayed for you and will continue to pray for you. Knowing that God loves you and will keep you in His care. I pray your heart will always be tender to His leading and your life will belong to Him. You have grown from my curly haired blonde "orphan annie" to such a beautiful young lady! I love you dearly, my oldest granddaughter!

Friday, February 12, 2010

May I ask for prayer for a dear blogger friend?

I am not going to share her blog, because she is a very private person. I have a blogger friend with a disabled child. Things are getting very challenging for her and her child right now. Would you just lift her in prayer asking God to guide, direct, comfort and just wrap His love around her and her family....... Thank you for caring!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend with Grands.

My youngest son and his family came to visit last weekend. They went off for a nice weekend away and we got the kids! :) It was a good time. Even the dog got in on the loving!

We worked on crafts. My oldest granddaughter came and spent the weekend with us also. ;)
Carson displaying his art work.
Isaac showing off his.
The dog was NOT suppose to be in there and he knew it. But how could I be mad?

Working away!

Having some petting time with the dog before watching "Santa Buddies" at the request of my grandson.
Before they left, Ben and Mary took us out to a wonderful seafood dinner at Snoqualmie Casino. We all enjoyed it! :)
Chocolate face.
Matthew just wishes he could have some!
Papa Doug and Matthew having a man talk!
Boys will be boys!

The kids had a good time getting a break and Grammie and Papa had a fun time with their loved ones. I have to admit, though, I was plummed tuckered out by the end of the weekend. How in the world, did I raise all of mine???? lol Thank you Lord for family! They mean the world to us.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bergen's 6th Birthday Tea Party!

The birthday girl!

Shelley did a beautiful job of decorating.

Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Bergen's birthday. And of course no tea party is complete without the proper hat!