Monday, January 3, 2011

~*~ My Missions Statement ~*~

Another blog that helps with organization, orderliness in life is Home Sanctuary. I so need balance in my life. Time to think about New Year's Resolutions.

I want to find the time to spend in my devotions daily. I want to find the time creating my crafts and scrapbooking. But I can't enjoy these if my home is a total unorganized mess. I am not happy and my hubby certainly is not happy. Thanks to Home Sanctuary, I have am adopting the following Missions Statement.

I would like my home to be clutter free and inviting and warm. My goal is to decide which tasks I need to do each day so that we can maintain a better, more harmonic, more organized lifestyle. I want to honor my husband's greater need (than mine) for orderliness and routine. I want to be able to invite friends over without having to clean up for a week beforehand! I will find something to take joy in each and every day and find a way to bring joy to someone else each day.

~*~ Back to organizing - Challenge Desk! ~*~

The above picture is the before.... the below is the after.... I am not really happy with the after but I have to just accept what I have at the moment.  I don't like that all my cords are so visible but I don't have the length in them or the room to tuck them in anywhere.  From this I realized that I need to find a place to hang some of my cords for my camera and my Kindle.  Right now they are in one of the drawers but I want them out.  But at least the desk top is now usable and I have room to right and make lists!  

My inspiration for getting started is from this blog:   A Bowl Full of Lemons    I will probably readjust a few things.  I have my organizer to the left of the computer.  It kind of travels with me.  I make notes in it at the computer desk but when I leave the house, I try to take with so that I can add appointments and such to it.