Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ah.... Sweet Humbling Experiences

The Lord just keeps blessing me with weight loss.  I am now down 136.2 lbs.  Saturday, I went out window shopping and went to Nordtrom's Rack.  I really did not intend to purchase anything, but a clearance on black jeans caught my eye.  Perfect for riding on the Harley was my thought. Loved that they had a jewel design on the back pockets.  I picked up a pair and did not try them on, actually thinking that they would fit me down the road a month of two. Afterall, I have not seen this size jean in YEARS!  Took them home and hung them in my closet.  Monday morning before work I decided to give them a try and see how tight they were on me.  Wonder of Wonders! They FIT me NOW!!  I was SO excited, I cut off the price tag and decided to wear them to work!  I just love them!  Today, I decided to wear them again.  I carefully laid them out on the bed while I searched for a sweater to wear with it.  As I picked them up to put them on, a little baggie caught my eye.  "What is THIS?" thought I.   Extra jewels for the jean pocket attached to the tag on the back of my jeans!  OH MY WORD.  I had worn these all day Monday with this little baggie sticking off the back end of my jeans!    Here am I in the clouds, thinking how great these look, how thin my legs are getting!  Ah.... such are these times that the Lord reigns us in and says.  "I am the Lord.  I am the controller of all things.  You are human and prone to pride and error."  Ok.  I was a bit proud, OK, maybe a LOT proud.    Thank you, Lord for the ability to laugh at myself and not always have to take myself so seriously.  I am proud of the weight loss.  But more than proud, I am so thankful to YOU, for giving me this new lease on life.  Without Your support, Your help, Lord, I could not have gotten where I am.  And I thank you also, Lord, for my husband, who have been such a tremendous support. He has encouraged me and complimented me and talked me up to his friends.  He has shown me that he is proud of me and appreciates my efforts and he eats what I serve him!!!  lol    Aside from You, Lord, he has been my biggest supporter and encourager.  And I have a couple of friends, Lord, that are a gift from you.  One that has known me for years and has seen me in many sizes!  For the encouragement and the compliment that I am looking like my mother.  And for another friend that hasn't known me as long but is just as close and dear.  Who with tears in her eyes, told me the other day that I am like looking at a whole other person!   For family that is happy to see their mom, grandma getting healthy so that she can prayerfully be around longer for all of them.  I have been getting compliments that I have never heard before, words that I have never associated with me.  This journey is not about compliments but it is about getting healthier and being the best person that I can be.  I am thankful that the Lord has and is with me every step of the way.  And thank you, again, for humble moments.  Always keep me real!  And always help me stay true to only You, Lord. 

This is a fabulous journey that I have embarked upon.  I didn't think I could ever be at a normal/healthy size again.  Take Shape for Life has been a God send for me.  If you are reading this and you feel that you are at the end of your rope, perhaps this is the answer for you.  I invite you to check out my website .  I would love to help encourage and support you to a healthier and happier YOU!

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