Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Bible

I was noticing my Pastor's Bible in church the other morning. I noticed that it was getting well worn. I remember when he got it just about 4 years ago and he commented on it because the pages were difficult to turn, etc. :) And now just a few short years later, it has become used, a familiar friend to him. I look at my Bibles over the years. The worn covers, the notes in the margins, the inspirational poems taped to the inside covers, missionary cards glued in as prayer reminders. There are ripped pages, where I carelessly left it out and my dear handicapped daughter picked it up and tore it (not meaning to!) The comfort of the old Bible, picking it up and easily finding a familiar passage... and I look at my newest Bible. I am in the process of making a cover for it...The pages are "sticky", I struggle to find passages..... And I wonder... What will my Bible look like in 4 years? I don't want torn pages but I want it to be well worn! Not neglectfully worn but worn with familiar use. Worn because I have treasured hearing what my Savior has to say to me. Oh I fall so short!! But this is the desire of my heart - to have a closer walk with my Lord... and we know that He grants the desires of our heart. As a child, I was taught that the Bible was important. That no book should be placed on top of it. As a Believer, I have never heard that being taught in our churches, although today, if I see a book on top of a Bible, I will without fuss, quietly readjust so the Bible is on top. I don't think God cares about that. I think what God cares about is that it doesn't stay at the bottom of the pile neglected... because that Book represents our relationship with Him. We seek wisdom in the Words there. We seek guidance in our everyday life as well as the crisis that come into our lives. It is how God communes with us. It is where our mind is stimulated to ask questions that only He can answer. Yes, I don't want my new Bible to look as good in 4 years from now as it does for now. I want it to be well worn from love and respect and friendship with my Savior. I want it to fit comfortably in my hands and for the pages to move freely and with familiarity!

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Tammy said...

What a beautiful post, Marcia!