Thursday, January 29, 2009

My computer notebook

I think it was Marcia, the Organised Queen, that said she kept a notebook by her computer and wrote things down in it every day and started with a fresh page each day. I have started doing that. Next to my computer is now a "journal" of sorts. Each day is noted and I keep any password/screennames that I have created or changed in it. I write my notes and maybe a notation of something that I have read on one of my favorite websites. Two places that I go every day are the TOH Recipe Boards and the Voy Craft board. I have many friends there and I get lots of new ideas/recipes from these wonderful sites. Other than my blog and facebook, I really don't have time to go other places on the internet unless I am looking for something more specific. But even more importantly in this notebook are the people that ask for prayer or that speak to my heart prompting me to pray for them. In this notebook, I now keep their names and their specific request and if there is a response with a specific answer to that prayer I try to put it in also.

This notebook helps me with several goals. It helps keep me organized in the recording of specific information on websites. And it helps keep me organized and makes me follow thru on a commitment to pray for someone. I really dislike it when a friend requests prayer and I say I will pray for them, which I do immediately but then forget to continue in prayer. I want to follow through and be a prayer warrior and this will help me to obtain that goal. And in some ways it gives me a prayer focus and I can't help but feel that focusing on prayer will help me with my emotional state.

Now, you probably aren't too impressed with this post, lol, but I had to get it out there for me, I guess. Creating a little accountability to follow through with my goal to be a better person!

Speaking of being a better person, I read a wonderful blog post today about being a better person. I could not have said this any better. Click here and read what this sweet mom has to say. I think it is a worthy post. It says just exactly what I feel and sometimes I feel so defeated. Yet, this friend captures the hope. I have to be honest. Last night on my drive home from work, the "downs" set in... I thought and teared up all the way home lamenting on wanting to be this better person.... I struggled with my thoughts and prayed to the Lord about it all the way home.... and then this morning, I read this on a blog that I follow. Guess that I am not alone. I don't know if I am making sense or not to you, lol, but I know what I mean! ha!


Clark Family said...

Hello my precious blog friend!! I was so blessed to read your comment this morning... I must confess that I have recently been discovering more of the "blog world"... i had no idea that so many people have blogs... anyways, there are some blogs that have so many followers (like thousands) and they touch soo many lives!! I was just asking the Lord this morning that if it was His will that he would use my blog, my heart, my struggles and my triumphs to spur people on towards Him... And then you "just happened" to pop on in this morning... So thank you for being an answer to my prayer! I don't know you in "real" life but I too want you to know that I am so blessed by your heart! Thanks for being my blog friend!!!
sending lots of love your way!!!! kacy

Susie said...

I have an online notebook too. It helps to keep everything straight out here:-)

Crafty Sue said...

I must get organised and keep a notebook by my puter too.... I have bits of paper under my keyboard with notes, info and links and all that stuff... oh yes, I will follow your example.

Marcia Francois said...

Yes, it was me.

I LOOOOOOVE my notebook and just last night I was thinking how nice it is to turn the page and write Friday, all ready for today :)

have a great weekend

Mrs. H said...

It's good to see you back online. You were missed :)
I have a couple of different notebooks, as well. One being my planner which is my catch-all: to-do's, appointments, notes, etc.
Then I also have a prayer journal, that is "purse-sized" as I take it with me daily. If I have a few minutes in carline, I'll pull it out and pray over some concerns. I add to it as others share needs or they come across our church's prayerline. I want to, I NEED to, be in prayer MORE. This helps a little with that desire.
For as much as I like to be online, I am still a "paper person" at heart :)