Friday, November 6, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 11-6-09

I have found this website that is just such a blessing and encouragment to Christian ladies. Home Sanctuary Click on over there and check it out. I am going to try my hand at Coffee Girl Coffee! So here is my first attempt! lol

It has been a busy week here. I have been sewing sewing sewing getting presents made for my grandchildren for their birthdays coming up. I enjoy sewing and it is relaxing and as I sew it gives me time to think on scriptures and pray for friends as God brings them to mind. God tells us to pray without ceasing and to me this is what that means - finding time even in the busy schedules we lead to offer up prayer as we drive, sew, do our work, etc.

I am getting ready for 3 of my grandchildren coming to spend the weekend. I always pray for them that God will help them to be the men and women of God that He has planned for them to be. That they will love Him will all their hearts. And that Grammy will be the example that she should be, sharing God's love in all that we see and do. I have activities planned, mostly crafting this weekend and we are calling it Camp Grammy! And I pray that mom and dad will get some relaxing time together and some quiet time as they take this time to review the past year and set goals for the new year.

One of the thoughts mulling around in my mind this week: It isn't as important to be right as it is to DO the RIGHT thing.

Well, now I am off to finish getting ready for my mini guests! Looking forward to fun with them. And so is my dog. I have been telling him the kids are coming over and he is all hyped for them! He loves it when he has kids to play with! Have a wonderful weekend!

10 comments: said...

welcome to company girl coffee! glad to see a new blog :)

I am trying some sewing for Christmas presents this year as well but I am a beginner sewer. It was going well until one particularly frustrating night where I spent maybe 6 hours undoing and trying to re-sew stitches. I haven't touched it since! I will get back up on the saddle soon enough though! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Shirley said...

Hoping you have a fun weekend....
just know you will. God bless.

Aiming4Simple said...

What a lovely first coffee post! Welcome! Thanks for sharing your gift of encouragement with us.

Rachel Anne said...

Welcome to the CG Coffee! I'm so glad your linked in today. I love the idea of Camp Grammy...that sounds absolutely wonderful and memorable for your grandkids.

Have a great weekend!

mholgate said...

Welcome! Glad you decided to have coffee with us this week.

I can't wait to be a grandma. Of course, I'm saying that at only 35 years old and my oldest child is 8! I've got a ways to go on that one! :) Until then, I'm just loving on my kiddos and building them up in the Lord.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Anonymous said...


Pray without ceasing. I love that.

Enjoy your time with your grandkids. Ditto what Melissa said...and I'm only 29 with my oldest being not even 3 years old yet. =p I'm sure it's more fun when you don't have to do much of the disciplining and all of that.

I'm sure you'll have a fantastic weekend!

Dawn said...

Welcome to Company Girl Coffee! Thanks for having us over this week!

Sounds like you have a fun visit ahead of you. I bet the kids will love Camp Grammy. :)

Have a wonderful week!

One More Equals Four said...

Welcome to Coffee Talk, so glad to have you! Home Sanctuary is such a blessing, glad you found it!

What a blessing to be able to sew all those gifts. I started sewing a couple of years ago and have made a few outfits for my daughter but am not skilled enough to make things to give away! Maybe someday!

Hope you enjoy the time with those grandbabies!

Anonymous said...

So glad to meet you. Company girls coffee time is awesome! Love it. I know you will too.

Hope you have a wonderful time with your grandchildren. Sounds like fun! My children love to go to mawmaw's house.

Have a great week!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Welcome to CG Coffee! I am getting back in the groove after having taken some time off. You will find some amazing women of faith here. Jump right in and prepare to be blessed!