Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Jammies

Monkey see Monkey do. These are for my 5 year old grandson's birthday. I didn't have burgundy for the bottoms so I went with tan. :)

These are for my soon to be 10 year old grandson (yes, another 10 year old! lol) He love the Huskies, so these are perfect for him.

My dancing granddaughter will be getting this nightgown with a pair of boot slippers to match. I am still waiting on the size from mom before making them. :)

I am also getting ready to have 3 of my grandchildren this weekend so I am planning "Granny Camp." :)


Amber said...

Love them! Great job!

I am trying to make jammies for the girls, but am having a horrible time finshing the neck. Any suggestions? The tops are fleece and it has a band that you sew on then turn to the inside. They look horrible! I don't know what else to do or how to fix them!

HDMac said...

Amber, I found the my fleece wanted to bunch so I changed to a teflon presser foot that helped. And you CANT iron it because it will melt so I used my iron, a press cloth and steamed it from a couple inches away and just tried to pin it carefully before sewing. I did have a problem with a couple of the V's in the neck but finally was able to judge it better. Hope that helps. Mine isn't a banded neck but an interfacing that folds under and then you sew about an inch from the edge. I would have used a stitch I used for hemming if it hadn't been for the v neck.

Amber said...

Thanks! That gives me a little to go on. I think I will remove the band and try it different this time. I think I just got so frustrated! I have never been good at making shirts.