Sunday, April 11, 2010

Craft Sale

My daughter got a booth at the park in Orting yesterday for the Daffodil Parade. Last minute decision but I went ahead and put out my bookmarks and bib clips along with her hair bows and Avon products. She did very well! Her bows are darling. I am going to make up some headbands for her to match for another time. Although it was a beautiful looking day, it was cold and windy!! We didn't have a canopy so this grandma got pretty chilled to the bone! I flaked out (I had the dog and he is to wild (friendly) around people) and left early. But it was fun and with more time and props the next one should be even more fun. It is always fun just to watch the people! :) You can see many of her bows on her blog, Iddy Bits of Love. I hope you will check it out! She does a beautiful job and she makes them special order to match! She has updated her blog so that you can actually order the bows from her there. A color chart is included to get the combination that you desire. Also if you send her a picture of a specific outfit that you desire to match, she will do her best to custom make a match for you! Make her your "Bow Lady!" You won't be sorry!


Amber said...

That is a very nice lloking booth! From what I have seen in the past, she does a wonderful job making bows! Hope she did really well!

krisijo said...

The dates a little off:) LOL! Yes it was a cold day! Nest time we will be on the other side! That way the trees won't be blocking all of that sun!!!

Susie said...

Awesome booth! I hope you and she did well:-)