Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Resurrection Day 2010

What a blessing. Great Church service early on Sunday and then off to visit the family in Port Angeles for dinner! :)

I don't think it shows at all that these are the happiest moments of my life, being with my family. God has RICHLY and abundantly blessed us with a wonderful family. It is not my doing, but His. He has been merciful and full of grace to me... DESPITE ME!!!! I am so thankful! And thankful of His gift upon the cross paid with the ULTIMATE price.... yet He did it - for ME and for YOU!My lovely granddaughter with her brother. :) Love those curls on his head!

I don't think we can see who the camera ham is here!

This was cute because, I actually had Matthew on my lap and his big sister was in front of him and Matthew was watching thru the camera when I took this pic. :)

Daddy and his princess. This is my youngest son with his only daughter.

Papa Doug and Matthew! He likes that beard!

Ben and Mary prepping in the kitchen.

Like I said.. no ham here!

Keizer arrives!

Ben and Matthew in the back yard getting ready for a family picture!

The sun was pretty bright. It is cute because see who the kids are looking at? Little brother... he is very loved!!!!

The twins modeling their new dresses and hairbows!

Notice the smirk on her face!!! She thinks that she gets to keep my baby!!!!!!!! She has a thing or two coming!!!

Spot always loves to be around the grandkids. He just loves them!

My oldest son and his youngest son arriving!

Hey! Wait!!! Don't I get to come into the party?? Anyone want to play ball with me??????

"What are they doing out there?" "Don't you think you should tell them to stop?" "They are going to get hurt!" "Oh, Casandra is hurt!!" "Oh well, they will live!" :) lol

D with her cousin.

Let's get the food train moving!

The look on Maddie's face! I KNOW it was YOU, Uncle Ben!!!!!

Now time for the Easter/Resurrection Egg hunt! Getting the instructions. Only LITTLE kids get the eggs off the ground. The rest of you have to work for them!! lol

Spot wanted in on the action!

Once he found out there was candy in the eggs, the eggs got dumped and he put the little bit of candy he had in there and protected it with his life, until he ate it! He was SOOOO stinking cute!!!!!!! Love that boy!

Ben and Mary have the best area for an egg hunt!!! Even the dog finally got into the action!!!

Vienna found the prettiest egg in Daddy's pocket!!

It was a wonderful day and this mother's/grandmother's/aunt's heart was blessed beyond what she deserves . I am so thankful. :) My family is NOT without faults. We certainly have our share of ups and downs... but we love the Lord and we share that! And we share a tremendous amount of love!


Susie said...

What a beautiful family you have:-)

Shirley said...

You are truly blessed, I agree. The little ones are so precious to a grandmother's heart....I know.

Crafty Sue said...

They are a Blessing indeed!
Great family pictures.

Amber said...

Sure looks as though you all had a great, fun filled day! You have a great looking family! So nice to see a family that still gets together!

Tammy said...

Looks like it was a great time! How wonderful to have such a large family gathering. It is nice that all the cousins get to get together like that. It isn't very often that Colton and Cady get to see their 5 cousins, but they sure enjoy it when they do! Thanks for sharing!