Tuesday, October 5, 2010




81You may have already begun receiving those beautiful little catalogs jam-packed with holiday trinkets, toys, decor, and anything else you might want or need for the holidays. You are hereby granted and encouraged to do Christmas window shopping – from home!

100countdownThe Countdown to Christmas Challenge for today is to leaf through your Christmas planner to the gift budget you created. Now scour your catalogs for ideas for the remainder of your gift-buying, while staying within the confines of your budgetary limits. If you’ve opted out of catalog mailings, then make a list of your favorite places to shop and begin to browse their websites.

My favorite guide for shopping for my family is the following poem*:

Something They Want,
Something They Need,
Something to Wear,
And Something to Read.

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Angie said...

I love the lil poem about your shopping guide. I love that idea! Kids get so much these days. I miss the more simple times.

Thanks for visiting me over on my blog. =) It's always a treat to see you've been by.