Monday, November 22, 2010

~*~ I am Blessed Beyond Belief ~*~

I have been blessed beyond belief... beyond my understanding; and I am so thankful. This past Saturday, my hubbie and my children surprised me with a SURPRISE birthday party. I turned the big 60 and for the first time in my life, my age was bothering me. You know, you wonder if you have really done as much as you wanted, if you have really given to Christ as you should.... if I was a good mother, etc... the list can go on...

We went over to my home town to go to my grandson's birthday on Sunday but went a day early under the "guise" of spending some time with the kids. Anyway, I was surprised. The above picture is of a board that one of my daughter in laws made up for me with a hand done card from each of my 16 grandchildren. I absolutely LOVE it. It reflects something about each of my grandchildren.

I am so rich. Not in material belongings, not in finances but in blessings from God. The kids did a GREAT job pulling this together. I cried my way thru it! The kids did a CD of pictures of me from past to present and included friends and family along the way......And then they shared some memories and special thoughts that again made me cry. Sometimes, I have felt like I was such a strict parent, and wished I had disciplined differently or just wondered if anything I said or did really made a difference in my children's lives.... well, guess I shouldn't wonder anymore.. I appreciated so much their words of love. All my grandchildren were present and several friends.

I know that these words cannot begin to touch the warmth, love and fellowship I felt. I am just so thankful to my husband, my children and my grandchildren and friends that came out and made me feel the love. Each truly are a blessing and I give God the glory! It was hearing the LITTLE THINGS that meant something to them that blessed my heart. You see, I think that the little things are important and need to be shared .... it is in the little things that we find many of God's blessings. I can't begin to tell you how several of my friends shared that it was some little encouragement that I gave them that blessed them in a big way... wow... sometimes, we just don't know how the smallest, kindest word or encouragement can touch and stay with someone else! I am still in just glowing from my wonderful time.... Thank you, Jesus!

I will post pictures later, but right now I just want to bask in the joy these messages and pictures brought from my grands.