Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~*~ 9th Birthday! ~*~

I am not sure what this pose was. His Yoda pose maybe!? lol

Three of the boy cousins "encouraging" Ryker as he builds his Lego tower for the game.

Brittanee, Delanie and Casandra counting the Lego candies in the jar.

Ben contemplating the number of lego candies. Mark in the background checking out his video. ;)

While we were inside, laughing and having family fun,the snow was building up outside. Unfortunately we had to leave a little early because of it, but fortunately we did not get snowed in, which would have happened if we had left much later!

A little good natured wrestling before the guests begin to arrive. ;)

And now the guests are arriving! Have to take off those snowy boots at the door!

Game time! First up, building a lego tower in a given amount of time. :)

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