Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~~~ Christmas with the Family ~~~

Lots of smiling faces on cousins, aunts and uncles and of course, this grammie as we gathered to have our family Christmas together. What better occasion than the birth of Christ to celebrate with family!

Smiling faces and goofing around. Family!

This Christmas will be crowned the Christmas of the hats. My daughter crocheted each of the cousins a hat and they just loved them. They were seen all around the house all day long. Homemade IS best!

My son, daughter in law and grandson, in the kitchen!

Quiet everyone! Time for prayer and then we can eat! Thank you, Lord for this food, this famiy and for the safety of each of us there.

A spaghetti masterpiece!~

These two were so cute. Inseparable all day long!

My granddaughter thought she could hide from my camera! HA. No way!

Even the doll got hungry.

My brother and granddaughter looking over the scrapbook of last Christmas, the Christmas of the Snuggies!

Time to say good night!

Some threading fun for Sterling turned into adornment for great uncle Jerry and Papa.

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