Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 Weeks behind me!

10 weeks already.... And the past couple of weeks have been mentally difficult for me in my weight loss journey... beginning to get a bit weary and thoughts of wanting foods that really are not the BEST choices for me.  And drinking my water has been a challenge!!!  I mean really!  I try to drink 100 oz a day, 20 of those before I go to work and I just have not been able to do it!  I do drink a lot of water, normally so this should not be a challenge but think it has been that MENTAL thing that I HAVE to!!!  lol  So last night I was pounding my water at the later hours.... and of course was up 5 times, YES, 5 TIMES during the night!  So that is an area that I am committing to prayer!  But the rewards for staying strong and enduring we shown on the scales this morning.  My total weight loss since June 11, is now 48 lbs EVEN!  THANK YOU, LORD, for not letting me get discourage and give into the desires of the flesh!  It is difficult for me to really see the loss because I look at myself everyday... but I can see it.  My ring finger is not all chunky and I can take my ring off and on.  Yes, I was actually thinking before and that is part of the reason for setting weight goals, that I would have to have my wedding band cut off and sized larger!  I really did not want to do that! It was part of my internal battle!!!

I don't want to lose sight of my goals and one of the most important goals is to be able to enjoy my grandchildren.   So in forming that goal, it is important to me to gain a healthy mindset!  Take Shape for Life is the tool that is working for me and I am so thankful to it and to Jenny, my coach!   

One highlight this week:  My youngest granddaughter weighs 49 lbs.  Picking her up makes me realize the "weight" of what I have lost!


Crafty Sue said...

That is great!
I ADMIRE YOUR STRONG WILL... I don't think I would ever have your will power.
Just think ... you will soon be admiring your new silhouette and shopping for new clothes.

Patricia said...

Congratulations Marcia, that is great news on your weight loss... I'm still hanging on to the 13 pound loss from months ago. Going back to read your post again for inspiration.

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Wow Marcia! I had a dream about you (actually, your blog) last night so stopped by this morning. What a great post to be welcomed by.

Congratulations! I'm immpressed. I need to deal with some extra pounds that found me when I quit smoking last year. You inspire me!

Jenny Berg said...

@Crafty Sue, your comment on willpower caught my eye. It might be reassuring to know that willpower has little or nothing to do with our being able to create our greatest desires. When we "willpower ourselves" into action, we are actually self-manipulating, and this kind of conflict-driven motivation just doesn't work long-term. But when we are driven by our greatest desires and deepest aspriations, the circumstances of our life don't matter, and we simply choose (freedom of choice over willpower) the action steps that support our desires. I think you would surprise yourself at your ability to create health, once it has become a fundamental choice. :) Good luck!