Saturday, September 3, 2011

~*~ WEEK 12 ~*~

"The degree you allow obstacles in life to be a distraction is your choice ... don't look where you don't want to go ... what you look at, you create more of. Always stay focused (keep your eye on the prize) at what you want regardless of what is going on around you." - Susan Milligan

I love this quote! It speaks volumes to me in my weight loss journey. Sometimes it is difficult to say the least as we look at where we were, where we still might be, rather than to the big picture of the future! I have this posted on my door at work, it is part of my "smash/joy" book. It is on my desk at home and at work and have posted it to my Facebook page! Part of my journey to optimal health is creating a healthy thin mind! This quote captures that need. If I allow myself to think negatively, I defeat my purpose. This morning I am down 57.2 lbs! I have lost 7.2 BMI according to the charts! I am also one third of the way to my goal!!!!!! However, my clothes are falling off of me! lol I hesitate to purchase much because I don't plan to be wearing it very long! But the mind can still be a tricky thing. Some times I catch myself thinking with my heavier body... I can't see all the weight gone. I still see the belly, the legs, the arms and makes me want to be down! But the "healthy mind" me cannot allow it. My mind has to see the "ME" at the end of this tunnel! I have to walk like the "thin" person inside of me. I can already see a part of the OLD me coming back. The more confident person that I used to be. The one not embarrassed by her size to go up and talk to someone. So again this morning, I am filled with gladditude. I praise the Lord, who is the strength behind me. And a couple of very special friends who encourage me along the way. It really REALLY helps to have friends that CAN see the weight loss and encourage me and let me know they are proud of me. Not because I want the compliments but because there is something in their true and heartfelt encouragement that helps me put one step in front of the other and keep marching toward that goal and the continued goal of OPTIMAL HEALTH ... all of which will help me in my testimony to the Lord! I am excited to see what more there is to come! :)

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