Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Ol' Craft Room

Ok. My craft room was beginning to look like my "Crap" room again. :( With all the GREAT finds that I have been finding at garage sales from Craigslist, i was getting overcrowded. Today, Britt and I spent the better of the day reorganizing. All the fabric is sorted, placed in storage bins and labeled. Now it is stacked 2 deep but with Birthdays and Christmas coming up it won't be long before this is diminished. And the REALLY exciting thing is that Doug came up with a board for me to put down so that now I have a fabric cutting area !!! YIPPEE. I was really needing that. I am so excited about it. Now remember my craft room is a room off the work shop in the garage so it is nothing fancy but it is what I have and I am so very thankful for it!!! i do love it and I do enjoy it so!

I want to thank Connie for some great fabrics this weekend. I first met Connie in June when she had a garage sale. She was selling a lot of fabric that her mother had stored. My hubby had gone with me to the sale so I was somewhat conservative in what I purchased. Later I wished I had not been. I emailed her and asked if she had any of the fabric left over. She informed me that although it had sold, she still had more of her mothers belongings to go thru and would be having another garage sale in August and she would let me know. Well, yesterday was the day. Connie was faithful and emailed me to let me know. I was there bright and early! Found many more gorgeous fabrics that will be perfect for my projects along with some great trims. Connie told me that her mother made and sold doll clothes and was well known in the doll community for her craft. Connie told me that she sewed right up to the day that she passed away. She must have been one special lady. I feel so privileged to have been able to purchase some of her stash and am looking forward to all the happy crafting that will come from it. Thank you, again, Connie for letting me know about your sale.

Ok, the fabric is all organized. The room is reorganized. Now to get down to business!!! :)

Edit note: I changed batteries in my camera and just now noticed that the date is not set correctly!


Mrs. H said...

Wow, this looks great! Good job on the organizing. New fabrics, oh how fun!!

Amanda said...

your craft room looks great! i need to clean mine up!

Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

You did a great job with the organization. I am totally jealous of your room. I would love to have a room like that for my scrapbooking.