Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a Blessing today was!

I was so blessed today. This is my dear friend, Sara and her beautiful daughter, Leigh Anne. I have not seen Sara in nearly 20 years! I have missed her so very much. We recently reconnected on Facebook. Sara lives in New Mexico and her daughter, now lives in Eastern Washington. Well, Leigh Anne is expecting a baby soon and mama was out visiting her and going to a shower given for her out here. I wanted so badly to make it to the shower but was not able to. But today we were able to meet in Wenatchee for lunch, which began at 11:30 am and ended about 4 pm! Tears, laughter, good memories and good company. Leigh Anne was her Auntie Marcia's little sweetie before they moved away! I have missed her so much too! Every Sunday, she would come and sit with her Auntie Marcia in church and when she came over to the house, she had such a special love for my sweetie, Lissa. I did bring goodies for her precious baby, 2 blankets that I made, 2 taggie blankets and some burp clothes. Leigh Anne was genuinely appreciative of the goodies made especially for her new baby and when we were leaving thanked me again and told me how special she felt they were. Made my day!!! Didn't want the afternoon to end and looking forward to September when Sara will be up this way again and I will be meeting up with her again! Worth the 6+ hour round trip for renewing friendships!


Crafty Sue said...

I know exactly how lovely the feeling and the joy of meeting old friends ... I experience this every time I go back to my homecountry and see my old friends... but yours must have been special after 20 years... now make sure you won't let so many years pass by before your next meeting.

Amber said...

How neat! I bet it was wonderful to meet up with an old friend! Facebook is good for that!

Doreen said...

Oh how lovely for you all, I am so happy for you can keep up your friendship easily with today's technology.