Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Visit with John and Sara

There is a gift from God that we sometimes take for granted or really don't realize what a special gift it is. That gift is friendship. Over the years, God has blessed me with several very special friendships and I thank Him for them. Two of those special friends are John and Sara. :) I have known John's family since my 8th grade year when they moved into town a block away from my house. His sister, Dorothy and I became good friends and walked to and from Junior high school together. His brother, Tom, was my first boyfriend. (aside from all my elementary school girl crushes!) lol John and Sara moved to Port Angeles about 1977. I had just had my 4th child. We all went to the same church and became brother and sister in Christ. We enjoyed having John and Sara over for dinner on Sunday afternoons after church. We share many fond memories of church potlucks, school presentations, Couples fellowships and especially Bible study times together. One of our fondest memories are the Ladies Bible Study that we had going on for a couple of years. God put together a very special group of ladies that shared their hearts, their lives and their love of God. It truly was a wonderful, uplifting, growing time together. We laughed. We cried. We shared! I miss that time. Another bond that we shared is their daughter, Leigh Anne! She was a surprise to them and has been such a JOY in their lives. Our family just adored Leigh Anne also. This Auntie Marcia cherished the times that Leigh Ann wanted to sit with me in church and times over at the house visiting! Then just before Leigh Anne turned 6, the family sadly moved away. A big hole was left in this heart!! And as busy lives go when you have young families, we didnt' stay in touch like we would have liked. Fast forward to FACEBOOK! Lost Friendships reconnected!!!! Last August, Sara and I were able to meet for a 4 hour lunch in Wenatchee and rekindle the friendship that we both cherished and missed. Well, Leigh Anne lives out this direction and is expecting her first child, so mom and dad are out visiting and were able to break away for a couple of days before the baby arrives to come and stay with us. We did nothing together but to chat and visit and catch up on lost time! lol And LOVED it! Both Sara and John are such warm people. And I had forgotten how much I enjoyed listening to Sara share life's events. She has a gift for sharing details. Oh, yes, Sara and John are animal lovers. They fell in love with Spot and obviously Spot fell in love with them. John's is the only other lap besides mine that Spot has climbed into! They have only been gone a few minutes, but I miss them already. But it will not be 20 more years before we are reunited again. Their daughter is closer in proximity now so they will be back and we are going to start planning that trip to New Mexico for next fall! Love you John and Sara and I am thankful for your friendship and bond in Christ!

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Amber said...

What a sweet story! Don't you just love good friends? Time just cannot break the closeness that share with them. So glad you got reconnected!