Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas part one

Christmas was a delightful day! We celebrated at our home with Doug's mom and stepdad, his sister, 2 sons and my daughter and her family.
We had ham and heavenly hashbrowns, sweet potatoes, corn, rolls, veggies and fruit! Nummy and enjoyed by all!

Brittanee always likes to be where the adults are. I can relate to that I think I was just like that as a child!

The snuggies were a HIT! This is Brittanee with her polka dot snuggie that I made. Hers has a pocket. I did not take the time to put a pocket on all of them.
Ryker's face lit up when he saw all the Huskie logos. I think he thought it was jammies at first though! :)
Andrea's face speaks for itself! :)
She is kind of indifferent to the stuffed dog. After all, there is the real thing right across the room!
All in all the visiting was good, the food was good and family time is always good!!!

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