Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas part two

We had a beautiful day to drive over to Port Angeles. Mt. Baker on our right and the Olympic Mountains on our left as we crossed over the Hood Canal Bridge. We live in the most beautiful place. :)

I am so truly blessed. We spent the day after Christmas with family in Port Angeles. It was such a wonderful day and this mother's heart was filled with love and warmth to be with her children and grandchildren. Everyone had a wonderful time.
We played some games after we ate and after presents were opened. And after babies were fed, etc!
The younger kids watched "Hook" on the TV while we played our games.
Plenty of baby time to go around. Auntie Shelley holding Matthew.
The girls being silly while wrapped up in their snuggies. I will address a whole other post to the snuggies! They were a HIT!!!!!!
This baby will not lack for attention!

And Sterling did not lack for attention either! :)
My hubby just hanging out.
Uncle Jonny with some baby time! God has given me one of the sweetest son in laws! What a big help he is to his wife and a great and involved dad with his girls!
My brother, Jerry came for awhile. It was good to have him visit. I love my brother very much. He has not had an easy life... and we have had our differences but God has always helped us work thru those things. I sure pray for him that God will help him thru each hurdle that is in his life path.
Isaac always loves to get in a picture! And he is so cute!
Ben and Casandra being silly.

My Daughter Tracy checking out her book of coupons. :) Delanie wrapped up in her snuggie. Tracy is a wonderful mom and I am blessed by her. I wish we lived closer so we could work on crafts together! All of us really, would enjoy that!
My oldest son, Mark. He is recoupping from a hernia operation. I can still see the pain.... you know moms! Bless his heart. He and Shelley are such a blessing! Always striving to serve the Lord in all that they do.

The boys being goofy. So what else is new?

My youngest son with 2 of his sweeties. EVER the comedian! He also is a wonderful hubby, daddy and blessing in my heart.
Shelley and Vienna chilling. My beautiful and wonderful daughter in law! Such a kind heart and love her to pieces.

Opening presents is ALWAYS fun!

Waiting for their turn!

Batman made an appearance.

I don't like posting my picture for OBVIOUS reasons, but I keep getting requests and it does help us know each other better.

My other beautiful and sweet daughter in law! Mary was kind enough to host the event at her house and it worked out beautifully!

This Christmas was one of my best ever. Being able to spend time with the kids, watch the grandchildren up their presents and truly enjoy them was very special. Holding my grandbabies... well that is priceless. God has truly given me a wonderful family. No, we are not perfect. FAR from it! But what love and joy and fun we have when we get together! Thank you, Lord!


Amber said...

What a beautiful family you have! You can tell your love for them in the wonderful comments you write about them! It's not very often that you find a family that truly loves each other! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Susie said...

Wow! What a full and beautiful holiday you had!!

mtmind said...

I was glad you posted a picture of yourself. I'm always looking for you in them. You are an amazing beautiful woman we need to see you smiling face MORE. You are so talent with your sewing. Love the gifts you made. Lynn