Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Granddaughter's 13th Birthday

Can't believe that my number 3 granddaughter has turned 13! Delanie is growing into such a beautiful granddaughter and is such a blessing! I made Delanie fleece jammies for her birthday also. the butterfly fleece is the top and polka dots are the bottoms. They turned out fabulous and D really enjoyed them! It was a great day celebrated with family! D decorated her own pumpkin cakes with her dad's help. Mom served make your own "sub" sandwiches and they were great!!! Best of all is that we were able to get over and back without the forecasted snow delaying us in anyway! PTL! Last year we missed the party because of snow and I just didn't want that this year!

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Amber said...

Happy birthday to her!! I bet she just loved those jammies!!