Sunday, July 10, 2011

~*~ CHOICES ~*~

Life is about choices.  Every day nearly every moment we make choices that affect our life.  Many choices we make are mindless, or automatic.  We don't put a lot of thought into them  My journey to optimal health is a choice.  It has become a very conscientious choice.  Walking thru the grocery store there are temptations all around.... Even something so silly as Oreo cookies!  Something that maybe I would not give much of thought to before but today I looked at that package and thought "OH... that would taste good!"  Time for the good angel and the devil on the shoulder!  lol   No one would know... if you had just one.. you know all those things we try to talk ourselves into... You will be happy to know that the right choice was made and I walked past without lingering, stopping or putting them in my cart.  :)  

I started my journey 30 days ago.  Today I am 21 lbs lighter.  It is good. It is working and this is where I need to be and want to be to achieve my goal.  The weight loss portion of this journey is only step one.  I am thankful for the Habits that I am learning and practicing to live my goal!   

"Optimal health isn't a destination, but a state of being that you achieve -- a change in orientation whereby you create a new state of being that revolves around making the daily choices that support health."  Dr A's Habits of Health

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