Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Every Day is a New Day!

We are finally having some beautiful summer weather in the Pacific Northwest! YAY!!! When you take a look at Mt. Rainier, you KNOW there is a God!

I am happy to journal that I am down a total of 21 lbs. :) I am beginning to feel it in my clothes. And I think I see it in my face. And how did I fair on the 4th? Fantastic! I didn't have any problems! I didn't want to call attention to the fact that I am on a diet. That was very important to me. And fortunately with all the kids around, that seemed to be a distraction enough for everyone! I took a turn up to bat, and let my granddaughter be my base runner. My son was a goof pitching me the ball but I finally hit it! haha! I am finding this easy to stay on at work also. Just excited as I make my journey to optimal health. I hope that soon my knees will realize the weight loss and feel better too! lol

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