Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy, I will ALWAYS miss you!

My Daddy was the bestest! Dad, Poppo, Daddy-O. By thinking my Daddy was the best doesn't mean he was perfect. We all know that we are not. But my dad loved me and he desired the best for me. Dad had an outgoing personality and he was always friendly when my friends came over. Often had a song to "sing" with their name in it. He loved people and he was such a good man! Glad that we grew up in the days when we did. The days of innocence, because when dad put me to bed, I would beg him to lay down with me and he would. When I was younger, my dad worked on the road so he was gone Monday thru Friday and home mostly on the weekends. Even though he would be busy with the paperwork, he always took time for me. I would often tag along with him. Even though he was on the road all week, he still loved to go for rides and we were definitely Sunday drivers! My dad was always there for me. And dad loved my mom. The most important thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mom. I could not work my dad against mom or vice versa. They seemed to always know or agree when the other said NO. lol Dad was also a very wonderful grandpa. His grandchildren loved him dearly and loved to spend time with him. Dad passed away on November 9, 1987 of acute leukemia. He was only 75 years old and I didn't have him nearly long enough. Dad could tell us stories from when he was younger and I so wish I had written them down. He once shared with us how when he was young living in St. Louis, the KKK paraded thru town and how scary that was. He remembers hearing Billy Sunday at a revival meeting and that short man, shouting and bantering across the podium/stage. Made an impression on him. He had very fond stories of his dad. I will always be proud of him and thankful to the Lord for the gift I had in dad. Happy Father's Day, Daddy. Know that you are still loved and cherished every day in my heart.

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Amber said...

What beautiful memories!