Saturday, October 10, 2009

Belinda's Angels

When I went to the Post Office Box this morning, I wondered what a pop bottle was doing in my box when I opened it! As I pulled it out I realized it was the angels that Belinda, my friends from Craftsayings Message board had promised me! What a creative way to mail them! And how beautiful are these angels!!!! Several weeks ago, I offered a RAK (random act of kindness) of punch ribbon that I had purchased about 4 years ago to make these angels. Well, obviously I did not get around to it (I guess I need a "round tuit!" ) and will all the fabric I have accumulated, I felt that it was probably not going to be a high priority project so I offered them up to a crafty friend on the board. Belinda was the first to respond. I sent them off to her with a promise that she would send me a couple when she made them. Thank you sooooo much, Belinda. I absolutely adore them and you did such a wonderful job! There are so many talented crafters on that board and it is a wonderful place to visit.

Here is the website for the directions for those of you that are interested:

Again, Belinda, I am so glad you could use the ribbon and the you enjoyed making these angels. I am delighted with the ones you sent back to me all made up! :) Keep up the good work!!


Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty! Mailing them in the botle is very cute!

Doreen said...

WOW these are very pretty indeed, well done for sharing your ribbon Marcia and well done Belinda for such lovely work. I loved the bottle mailing idea too, very innovative : )

Janet, said...

Who would have guessed that you could mail something in a bottle. I love angels,too, and have made many different kinds. Those are very pretty.

Joan said...

How was the bottle prepared to use as a mailer?

Anonymous said...

I think the angels are also very pretty. And like all the others I am very interested in how you can use a bottle to mail something in. I have some cute things I would love to mail to my nephew at college in a bottle but not sure what you have to do to be able to mail it. Would love to know.

Judy from GA said...

I have mailed things in a bottle and it is easy and eye catching. Just simply glue the lid on--make a slit on one side to stuff the bottle and then tape over the slit. Then put a large mailing label over the cut area. I put confetti in mine and put the items in the confetti, but that is just one idea of many! :-)


Shirley said...

How neat! I am an angel fan also and those are so pretty...I may have to try my hand at that.

Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I thought I'd come over and visit with you.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

So CUTE! I hope to make some before long. Thanks for sharing.