Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mary's Baby Shower

Fun baby shower for my newest grandson yesterday in P.A. Always good to get together and see family and friends. :) There was no shortage of older cousins to hold the babies!

Cousins big and small. 2 of my beautiful daughters with their beautiful cousin who also just had a baby boy! :)

This is Great Grandma with her grandaughter in law and great grandson. Special moments!

Big sister. No question about which college team she is wanting to win! :)

The "gift" of the day, was the beautiful handmade quilt that Mary's mother made. It has pictures of each of the kids holding Matthew and mom and dad with Matthew in each corner. It is beautiful. Oh, and yes, Casandra, ever the ham. I cannot imagine where she gets that from! :)

I am just so blessed with my daughter in laws. Mary enjoyed the gifts that I gave her. Laughed at the blanket from "Spot" and just enjoyed her time. Matthew is blessed to have such a good and loving mommy and daddy and brothers and sister!

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Amber said...

How very sweeet! I looked like a fun time! And, what a cutie!