Monday, October 19, 2009

October Birthdays Party

Here are the four that celebrated their birthdays! Ryker and Andrea,my grands, Camryn, my step granddaughter and her cousin, Brianna. What a house full it was!!!!

Andrea opening up her nightgown. She does want a pair of the fleece pants to go with so I am making those this week. :) I think she is saying --- I wonder who this is from!?

My daughter called to let me know that Camryn had her jammies on the minute the last of the guests left - and it was only 7 pm! lol Always nice to give a clothing gift that the kids enjoy!!!!

Do you know how difficult it is to get this many kids in ONE picture!!??? All of my grandchildren were at this party this year!

My newest grandbaby. Wouldn't he have made a cute Anne Geddes pic on top of a pumpkin? We talked about finding a pumpkin!! lol

Happy faces!

Double Trouble!!!

Kayden in her new dress. :)

I think she is sticking out her tongue for grammie's pic!

Not everyone was a happy camper!

Got " 'tude?"

Time to say good bye!!!!!!

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