Friday, October 30, 2009

My Re-organization projects are scary!

Ok. I have been reorganzing my office area. Scary! Why? You ask? Because the deeper I get into it, the more NEW projects come out of it!!! #1 is that I am going to HAVE to get a file cabinet to keep all the craft projects that I come up with from magazines and the internet. I have to get them organized and down to a dull roar.

#2 NEVER and I mean never store items in a NON see thru container. I opened up a box that I wondered what I had put in there. Cards! Lots of them. - So now I have to get back on the stick and use them. It is called encouragement, Marcia!!! #3 The box that was full of all the "computer" stuff is now in a drawer, BUT, it needs to be gone thru thoroughly as I don't need the stuff from a DELL computer when I now have an HP. And do I really need 3 cables for something that I dont' even know what it goes to anymore???? Know what I mean? (I hope so! I hope I am not the only one!!!!)

Well, I am almost done to the point of the room being tolerable. I have cleaned up the desk area but the next project there is to go thru everything thoroughly and scale it down to a workable/productive place. :)

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Amber said...

Clear tubs are the best! Last week, I cleaned out Ayra's old room and moved her into Jaiden's room. This allowed me to get all of the toys out of our TV room! It's so much better! My next big organizing project is my sewing/living room. I am going to pack everything up and get rid of the stuff I don't want. It's just a cluttered mess and I can't control it! I figure if I pack it all up, I won't have to deal with it!