Saturday, February 20, 2010


We had fun visitors last weekend. My oldest son and his family came over to visit for the weekend. We started our visit out with a trip to the Seafood buffet at the Casino. LOVE cracked crab!! Every one had a great time.

Sterling was happy to see Papa Doug!

Keizer must have had a very important business phone call! (not his phone, he was playing with dad's)

My beautiful daughter in law. Shelley is such a blessing to me. Although it was a little hectic with young kids, everyone enjoyed the time at dinner. We had been there 2 weeks before with my youngest son. :)

Wow, Gramma! This is a huge cookie!!!!!

I ask you very confidentially, Ain't she sweet? :)

Daddy and Sterling. Sterling was a little sweetie at dinner. He sat by me and he continuously took my hands off of him or grabbed them and made me put my arms around him. He was just funny!

All the little ones seem to like to play in Spot's "room".

Vienna was delighted when Spot decided to keep her company at bedtime. :) He loves it when the kids come over!


Amber said...

Very cute!! Why are kids so attracted to animal cages??? The girls love the cat cage!

I am so jealous that you have a seafood buffet. We had one here many moons ago, but no longer. Every year on my birthday, I had my mom take me out to the seafood buffet for my dinner. It has probably been closed for over 20 years now. Next time you go, send me some crab!!!

Shirley said...

Such great pictures. Grandchildren are so enjoyable.