Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend with Grands.

My youngest son and his family came to visit last weekend. They went off for a nice weekend away and we got the kids! :) It was a good time. Even the dog got in on the loving!

We worked on crafts. My oldest granddaughter came and spent the weekend with us also. ;)
Carson displaying his art work.
Isaac showing off his.
The dog was NOT suppose to be in there and he knew it. But how could I be mad?

Working away!

Having some petting time with the dog before watching "Santa Buddies" at the request of my grandson.
Before they left, Ben and Mary took us out to a wonderful seafood dinner at Snoqualmie Casino. We all enjoyed it! :)
Chocolate face.
Matthew just wishes he could have some!
Papa Doug and Matthew having a man talk!
Boys will be boys!

The kids had a good time getting a break and Grammie and Papa had a fun time with their loved ones. I have to admit, though, I was plummed tuckered out by the end of the weekend. How in the world, did I raise all of mine???? lol Thank you Lord for family! They mean the world to us.


Susie said...

That looks like great family fun:-)

Amber said...

What a great time! You do so much with the grand kids! They will surely remember this!!