Monday, September 26, 2011

15 Weeks into my Journey to Optimal Health

Wow! Has it actually been 15 weeks since I started this journey? Honestly, it does not seem that long. I have had my ups and downs and my temptations, but I honestly have not broken any of my guidelines. I have DREAMED about it, lol, a couple of times but I am feeling so much better and happy with the results that I want to see this thru and have resolved and committed to keeping this weight off and eating a healthier way. I am happy to report that my 15 week total weight loss is 66 pounds. This averages to 4.4 lbs per week. YES! I am happy with that.

Today was a visit to my orthopedic doctor about my knees. Although I have lost a lot of weight and taken even more pressure off my knees, they continue to give me distress. Saturday I walked 4 blocks to the coffee shop with my grandaughters and back again and I was in LOTS of pain the rest of the day! This is not acceptable for this 60 year old grandma!!! As the nurse took me to the room, I realized that she was not going to weigh me this time. I told her I needed to be weighed as the doctor needed to see on paper that I had been losing weight. I was actually 80 lbs down on their scales from what I was when I was there in May. The Dr. came in the door looking at my chart and his first words were; "CONGRATULATIONS!" He was delighted for me!!!! We discussed some options and I did come away this time with a cortizone shot in my left knee. It is the worst one. I can hardly believe it but it has already helped! Now I feel some other pain but the knee is much less!! I am praying for some time to strengthen this knee and maybe even some repair may take place as I do that. We will just see. For now, I have less pain and now I can work on getting out there and walking again!

How do some of us let ourselves get to this point? I honestly do not know! I do not have an answer for that. Perhaps it is that we take care of others and do not think of ourselves as that important. Perhaps it is unhappiness in our lives that we seek food for comfort too often. Perhaps it is that so many of our family events FOCUS on food as the main event! I am sure that there are multiple reasons and excuses for all of us. But I know that I am going to make a difference. That I am going to see this thru. I cannot talk about all of this without giving my Christ credit. Phil 1:13 tells us "I can do all things thru Him who gives us strength." I believe that. Only with the strength that the Lord gives me, can I follow thru on this. For me it is not in my strength.

Secondly, Take Shape for Life is an amazing program with the benefits of a health coach and the wisdom and knowledge of Dr. Wayne Anderson. This program is teaching me to make healthy and wise choices and will continue to do that. I have made a decision to be a health coach and am here to help and talk to anyone that is interested in losing their weight for life and starting their journey to optimal health. I am being honest when I tell you I was at the end of my rope. I honestly did not know where to turn and was considering weight loss surgery as my last hope. In my heart, I knew that I needed more than that and wanted more than that. I wanted the knowledge to make change in my life with my BRAIN not just my stomach. Not that all people with weight loss surgery don't make the right choices after, but for me, in my heart, I knew it was not best. Deciding to become of the Take Shape for Life program is one of the best things I have done for myself and for my family. I am so excited to see where this journey takes me. I am meeting wonderful friends and encouragement along the way!


Crafty Sue said...

How true your words!
I wish I had the same strong will power you have. I start off with good intentions but never keep on the right track , I surrender easily.
When my husband had his heart attack and had to have a stent I was very careful on keeping him on a right healthy diet and that worked for me too... I must get back to those rules before it is too late.
Congratulations Marcia, you are a wonderful example to follow.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
God Bless you!

Kathy said...

Oh my I just left you a long response and it did not take -has to do with the word verication ! I wanted to congratulate you on your success to wellness. -what an inspiration ! Also did you see Dr Oz yesterday he has a Transformation of the nation contest starting anf winner gets 1 million dollars :-) just if you want to look up his comments.

Susie said...

Aweseom job!!