Sunday, September 11, 2011

My first 3 months!

3 months since I started my journey.  And what a journey!  :)  

Saturday is my normal day to weigh in.  Yesterday morning at 7 AM I hopped on the scales as normal.  I anticipated as the scales made their weigh up and down and up and down ..... stopped and ...... only 1.4 lbs for the week.... my old mind set was to be a tad disappointed... but my "thin" mindset kicked in!  "It is STILL in the right direction!" "Go get dressed and put on your new jeans with attitude!" ... so I did... and my day got brighter!  My jeans look fantastic, in my new thin mind.... And they did give me the bolster that I needed!  So then I did the math. Started my journey on June 11, yesterday was the 10th of September... down 58.6 lbs.  That is 19.5 lbs per month!  My goal was 20 and that was about as close as you can get ... rounds up to 20 so yes, I was happy.  This morning because it actually IS the 11th I decided to get on the scales again.... this time they registered 1.8 lbs down from yesterday!  Go figure!  So that makes 60.4 lbs and actually IS my 20 lbs per month!  LOL  Lesson learned.... water weight can affect the scales.  They are a measure and a tool, not something to set your attitude with!  My clothes tell me the difference.   I am now 1/3 of the way thru my journey. I am so excited for the next 1/3 of the way!

What are some things I have learned in this journey so far?  Water - it is important... it actually does raise your metabolism. In fact drinking a glass of ice water will increase your metabolism for the next 90 minutes.  And important fact to keep in mind while exercising.   Healthy choices are important.  I honestly do feel better.  My lymphodemia is actually improving. This is not something that I will ever overcome, but it is improving and that is a God send!   I saw a pizza delivery car the other day.  I thought to myself, What I would give for a pizza!  My new "thin" mind kicked in and said, "No, I would GLADLY give up pizza to continue in my journey for optimal health!"    I don't feel deprived.  I have my portion controlled meal replacements that are small but many of them are packed with flavor.  They are not overly sweet but there are some chocolate options. :)  I am learning a lot from Dr. Wayne Anderson's Habits of Health and am incorporating these into my husband's healthy, low glycemic meals.  I am learning the importance of a journal to log my progress and thoughts.  I need to remember these things.  And I am learning that my success can and does influence others.  My daughter is excited to begin a healthier journey in her life.  :)    

Today, I feel better about myself and more confident than I did 3 months ago. :)  I love Take Shape for Life! :)

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Crafty Sue said...

Excellent result!
I envy you!