Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let's talk tea!

Let's talk tea, shall we? I have become a tea drinker. Now, I have always liked tea but have now become almost passionate about my teas. My favorite tea accessory is this ingenuiTea. I just love it for brewing my tea. You put your loose tea into the cup add your water at the right temp for the tea you are using and let it steep. When steeped, you place this ingenuiTea onto the top of your tea cup and the tea drains into your cup and the loose leaves stay in the ingenuiTea ready for the next steep of the day. PERFECT! The tea class that I attended taught me alot about the teas that I am drinking and their health benefits. I even have another tea infuser that I use to take tea with me where I go! lol Some of my favorites? Orange Grapefruit wellness tea, Gold Mountain Spice Rooibus, Evening in Montana herbal, Midsummer Peach Black, Tangarine Green Tea, Apple Cinnamon Black, ... oh the list could go on. Some of the benefits of the teas, rooibus and pu-ehr teas that I drink are: they are high in antioxidents, lower blood pressure, maintain blood sugar, etc. I have found that most of my teas, I like best on the second and third steeping. I am fortunate to have a wonderful little tea shop about 5 miles from me. LaDonna, the owner of The Tea Madame is very knowledgeable as is her employee, Kelly. I always love going in there and learning more. And I am fortunate to share and talk tea with my friend, Terri and my brother, Jerry. Both enjoy drinking and talking tea! And I love to sit and have my devotions in the morning with a nice cup of hot tea.

EDITED to add: Jasmine Pearl... Oh my goodness... so delicate and good. Relaxing! Can get 7 good steeps from these fragrant pearls.

How many of you are tea drinkers and what are your favorite blends?


Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

I have this, and I love it!

Susie said...

I like green tea. It is supposed to be good for you but I just like how mild it is.

Diane said...

I love tea. I like some green teas but my real favourite right now is chai tea.Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

Crafty Sue said...

I love the classic black tea but have a fancy for Jasmine tea too.

HDMac said...

Sue, then you would love this green tea that I am drinking. Jasmine pearl. Oh it is so delicate in flavor and very relaxing!

Marcia Francois said...

Oooh, I'm a big tea drinker. I love normal black tea (decaf) and Earl Grey tea.

I also enjoy zesty lemon, and grapefruit and lavender flavoured teas.

All black teas. But my favourite black tea is vanilla - yummy

I drink green tea with lemon and lime to keep me "regular" - can't say I love it!

Amanda said...

i wish i was a tea drinker but never liked the taste. so this winter i started drinking white hot chocolate as my "tea/cofee" ever since i started drinking it I have been less stressed. I think just taking acouple minutes to sit and enjoy it as really helped.

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

Sherryknit said...

Jasmine Pearl ?????
I will have to look around for that one. I drink 4-5 cups a day of tea. YUM!!!!
I never really got into the fancy ones though. I love apple and cinnamon and chamomile and lemon and plain ole green tea and Lipton tea. I guess I should broaden my taste buds.Your Ingenui is cool looking. You don't see things like that were I live. I don't even know of any tea shops around here. So I think you are lucky to have one near. I always have tea when I am checking my favorite blogs. So relaxing.
Take Care