Friday, May 22, 2009

Here is what hubby and our friend have been doing

I should have taken before pictures. You may catch a glimpse of some of the bush in older posts on here. This is our friend, Ron. He helped trim this tree that is in the hedge - which we hate! But he topped it and then they took out the lower limbs. Now our view is even so much better across the valley.


Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Sounds like the fellas have been busy!

Nice View!

Amber said...

Ryan would have loved to come "play"! He loves to use the chainsaw!! I wonder if there's a support group for that??? LOL!!

HDMac said...

Believe me, Amber, these guys would have LOVED to have Ryan come and join them! lol The more the merrier.. support group? Well, kind of like our crafting... !!! lol