Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday Declutter and TAG! :)

Marcia (The Organised Queen) has tagged me for decluttering this week. I must tag 3 people and help start the movement again (and believe me I need a little push right now! lol). Marcia asks
So tell me, which is the area in your house that gets cluttered the quickest.

Oh my! Mine is the table next to where I relax in the living room! There is really no excuse for it but it is where I congregate my reading, my crocheting, my tea, my... well, you get the idea! My battery is dead at the moment... I will get a new battery tomorrow and post a picture of it.

Now I tag:

Amanda - Momto2busyboys
Patricia - Crafty This and That
Amber - Redmommycrafts

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Marcia Francois said...

Brilliant!!!! Well done, marcia, for playing along!

Susie said...

That's a great declutter. I am looking around as I type this and it appears I need some work.

craftymug said...

Hi Marcia! How did you know that I need to declutter? My chair side table always needs decluttering too. I think I will clean up the countertop in my craft room. It is most always cluttered.

Amber said...

I think I will choose my kitchen table. I will either get it done this weekend or Tuesday of next week. Things are crazy here right now getting ready for Christmas!

Thanks for the little push! :)

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking that I wanted to get back to weekly decluttering.

Although I have taken two carloads of stuff tot he thrift store this past month. I had to in order to make room for my dd to stay with me for awhile.

I am always messy when I'm writing my papers. Since I just finished one (the last for this semester)it is pretty cluttered around here.

BUT my kitchen is clean. :-)