Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~*~ New Year's Resolutions ~*~

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I don't usually make resolutions. 'Cuz I break them. But this year? I need to make some changes and I want to commit to keeping them. These last couple of months have been particularly difficult for me. Low energy, lack of being able to follow thru on a personal level, easily overwhelmed! lol. You name it and that has been me! So it has gotten me thinking and 2 important things come to mind and thus my resolutions.

1. Personal/spiritual - Faithfullness in reading my devotions and conversing with God DAILY. Yeah, I am a person who "prays all the time". But it isn't always that personal ALONE time just with God. A designated time. Not just when I am driving down the road or doing the dishes, etc. But, I have fallen short on making that special time, alone, just God and me and reading His Word and praying. So - resolution. A special time daily - same time each day, Me, God, my devotional, my cup of tea and the dining room table in quiet, no other disruptions around - EARLY in the day to start my day. I am excited to see what God has in store for me this year! I am going to be using a special daily devotional along with my Bible to Walk with God.

2. Personal - Home/surroundings - Getting my home organized and a home for everything! Taking everything in baby steps. As I said, I have low energy. I need to plan and execute this in a way I can achieve and succeed! So here is my plan. LISTS for everything!!!!!! LISTS LISTS LISTS. Cross off the list when done. Take each room and break it down to baby steps and make each baby step a line item! I will tackle a minimum of 3 line items a week (I work outside the home so trying to be realistic) and cross off as done. Goal? By the end of the year, my home will be completely organized and decluttered. Every item will have it's home and be there after use! I will try to share this journey with you as I go. And I am excited as Marcia, The Organised Queen has a plan on her website "The Organising Queen" that is going to fit right in with my resolution.

My goal in these resolutions is to NOt get overwhelmed but to find a peace, a balance, a happy medium in my life. And the first resolution is the key to achieving the second goal in my life! :)

Are you making any resolutions this year? Please share. I would love to hear and love to encourage!!


Diane said...

I am right there with you Marcia I want my whole house to be totally organized too by the end of the year and for everything to have a home !
I am in we can support one another and work together which I find helps to motivate me so much. Marcia's challenges help me too.
We have a whole year to totally clean our place which really does seem doable. It is just keeping it clean after we do it really is the challenge for me.
Happy new year my friend!!!!!!!!
Take care and if you ever are down and want some support send an email my way.

Clark Family said...

Hi there friend... Thanks for sharing your christmas thoughts with me on our family site... I think you might have already read about my new years prayers for 2009... I am excited for you and yours... You can totally do this!!!!! Nothing is impossible with our sweet savior huh?
Love, kacy

Mrs. H said...

Ah, resolutions. I was at the gym this morning and saw LOTS of new people :) Gotta love resolutions. No, but really, I would have to say my resolution would be to follow-through and listen more to the urgings of the Spirit in my life. The first step is making sure I'm connected and faithful in my prayer life, but then also just to go where He leads, you know? To get involved where HE wants me, to speak to those that HE leads me to, etc.

Mrs. H said...

p.s. Thank you for sharing and being so real with your thoughts and resolutions! :)
p.s.s. I looked at your daughter's etsy site - very cute!