Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter's Artic Blast in the Northwest

We haven't gotten much snow but the temps are cold and the wind is blowing making it much colder. Earlier Doug and I left to run to the grocery store. We along with my 13 year old granddaughter were thinking that Grammie's nachos fit the bill for dinner on a cold blustery day like today. We are only 2 miles from the store. We had to remove a tree from the road going to the store and coming home from the store. Cold brittle trees in this wind! When we got home, I was telling my granddaughter about them. She said "Well, Grammie, you got a tree down in the back yard!" Sure enough while we were gone this tree came down in our back yard. Startled her and the dog! Thankfully the tree only grazed the house and caused no damage!


Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Sounds like an exciting weather event in your area. So glad you didn't sustain any damage, and that you made it home safely!

We had wind on Friday, then it changed to other types of weather. Woke up to a dusting of snow this morning which was exciting, then a patch of blue in the sky before the rain, hail and snow mixtures started pelting us.

The adult cats are hiding out, while the kittens are alternating between hiding and trying to play with the hail. Fun to watch from inside where the wood stove is keeping us warm ;-)

Jill Scott said...

Dang. Well winter's here I guess.

Susie said...

We got rain today!! Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humor. After all the snow we have had, we better have a white Christmas!!