Monday, September 20, 2010

96 Days to Christmas

Here is the start of today's directives:

A List of Wishes

96Gift-giving is a special practice. Though the goal is to give joyfully, there tends to be a lot of stress placed (usually self-induced) on the giver. One tremendous resource for choosing meaningful gifts for loved ones and friends is a simple Wish List.

Click here to read the rest and join in the 100 days community!!!!!

I am really having to be cautious this week. I am stressing over some activities and plans I have. I just don't have the ambition/energy that I used to have and am soooo slow getting things done! I have my 2 stepsons and dear father in law over for dinner tomorrow night. Thursday, my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter is coming to stay for 9 days. :) I am preparing for that.. menu planning, getting the room cleaned, making sure that I have everything I need, then her mother (my daughter in law ) and my dil's mother may stay one night at the end of the visit and we go out to lunch at a tea shop that we have been trying to get in.. and then that next day the 3rd, I plan to have my brother in law and sister in law over for birthday cake. With "mom" gone, I feel that I need to carry on and make the same cake.... All this is fine... it is just having the energy to get it all done! This is why I really need the organization of 100 days! Helps keep me focused and on track!

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