Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is what 40 looks like!

My oldest son turned 40 on Sunday. I can honestly say that this young man has never given me a day of grief. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. He was such a sweet toeheaded gift from God. He was such a pleasant natured baby and such a joy. He was surrounded by 3 female cousins and friends that were born within days of him and he got a long with each of them beautifully. He used to sing all his church songs while I pushed him around the grocery store. Always happy. God has blessed me DISPITE me! He has a lovely, Godly wife and 4 great kids. They are a bit more rambunctious than he was... lol... but they are bright kids, being raised by 2 parents that have Christ as the center of their life and some wonderful values they are instilling in them. We spent Sunday with them all. We took them out to Mexican dinner after church and then back to their house for ice cream with his in-laws and his paternal grandparents. He did not want a big blow out so we had to respect his wishes!! But it was a wonderful day for this mom!

What a crackup he thinks HE is!!! :) Who couldn't love this dirty face! lol

LOL.... Another crack up!!!!!

Mark and Papa Doug with the cane he gave his as a present... has a rear view mirror on it.

And here is Papa horsing around with the little ones.

Tickle me MORE, Papa!!!!!!

He ain't heavy; he's my brother.

This one was abandoned when the ice cream was served!

And the ride home? Well, this was the beautiful sight around Mount Rainier as we came over the Narrows Bridge.

Thank you, Lord for my son and his family. Keep them stayed on You and give them strength in times of trials. Know their hearts and keep them......

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