Saturday, September 18, 2010

98 days to Christmas - Weekly Workshop

Weekly Workshop

This is just a part of her directives today:

Weekly Workshop

98 daysIf you were with us last year as we journeyed through 100 Days to Christmas 2009, then you know that our aim was to accomplish the most important tasks throughout the week, but still have a day to catch up on unfinished business. Whether it is something that was assigned here or just something in your own life or family that needs extra attention before the holidays, Saturdays will from here on out be designated as Workshop.

Personally, I will be mutlti tasking during the Huskie/Husker game working on my notebook! And yes, although I live in Washington state, I will be rooting for the Cornhuskers... you can take the girl out of Nebraska but you can't take Nebraska out of the girl, I don't care if it WAS a hundred years ago!!!!! lol

Hop on over and check it out and be part of the group. You have an opportunity to win too! I have used this source to help organize Christmas for 2 years now and I love it! :) Hope you do too!!

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