Friday, September 17, 2010

Gift cans made with TUNA can!!! Adorable!

This is just about one of the cleverest ideas I have seen! Love these. Would be beautiful for a jewelry gift. I can also see putting a beautiful fridge magnet in here. All kind of wonderful ideas! Check out the tutorial at More Style than Cash. Also the picture is her picture not mine but I wanted you to see what a fantastic idea. In this economy when money is scarce, we need all the beautiful and classy ideas we can find and this is certainly one! Link


DeclutterLady said...

Wow these are so cute - thanks for sharing!

Ingrid@morestylethancash said...

I am thrilled that you think this idea is clever, cheap and beautiful! It is what I am trying to do with all my projects and articles.

I truly believe you can live the good life on a dime.

Thanks for the link- love!