Sunday, September 19, 2010

97 Days to Christmas

I love Christmas! It truly is a season of love and sharing with friends and family. But being one who enjoys having her family and friends near during that time, I often get stressed planning everything for such a large family! I am following the directives at 100 Days of Christmas again this year. It really does help!!! here is just a partial post of her directives for today. Hope you will join in!

Who’s on Your List?

Although gifts should not be the intentional focus of Christmas, we all know that they play a rather prominent role in what is typically the most beautiful holiday of the year. And honestly, it is a satisfying experience to a) find the perfect gift for a friend, caregiver, or loved one in your life and b) find it with plenty of time to spare. It truly is better to give than to receive.

Today’s Countdown to Christmas Challenge is to take out a clean sheet o100countdownf paper labeled Gift List, place it in your Christmas planner, directly behind your calendars, and begin to list everyone you would like to give a gift this year (members to will find several printable gift lists in Holidays & Occasions).

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