Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time for 100 Days to Christmas

I love this help at Christmas from Jennifer. Please visit her site and help yourself get ready for Christmas in an ORGANIZED, hopefully stressfree way!!! 100 Days to Christmas Here is her philosophy: " This time of year presents several major holidays and special occasions. Part of being ready for Christmas is knowing how to give yourself plenty of time to focus on the holiday at hand while looking at the larger picture." Believe me, it is a help. I have 16 + grandchildren with most of their birthdays falling between August and February. By helping me stay focused with a plan, I am able to get my Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthday planning managed !!

Here are her directives for today: Ready to get started? Are you willing to accept the Countdown to Christmas Challenge? Our first day’s goal is to gather the bones for your Holiday planner: a 3-ring binder, a hole puncher, a few tabbed dividers (preferable with pockets), and a zipper pocket to hold pens and odds-and-ends. A Holiday planner is a great place to keep all of your activities, recipes, schedules, ideas, and lists. It will become your Holiday Central over the next 100 days. Each day here at 100 Days to Christmas, you’ll find the tips, tricks, and reminders to get you planning and motivated for the holiday season. If you have found a way to put the day’s post into action, then join us in our efforts to prepare for the holidays season. You may have followed the post of the day, or maybe you followed your own ritual or tradition. Whatever the case, show your holiday spirit (or attempt at holiday spirit) by posting the banner below on your blog, writing a post to let everyone know how you took up the challenge that day, and joining our community so that together we can make this the best Christmas yet!

I am ready to get started! How about YOU??

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