Saturday, June 11, 2011

Almost done with day one

First of all, started the day out early. Woke up at 1 something to use the restroom and was way after 3 before I went back to sleep! Then up at 6:30. 7:20 AM I ate my first meal. Oatmeal - not toooooooo impressed with it... lol But that is fine. I managed to slowly eat and take little bites and enjoy knowing that I am working towards optimal health! 10 I ate a lemon meringue crunch bar and enjoyed tiny bits if it while I played on the computer. My coach, Jenny called around 11:30 and we discussed my options and how I was feeling. Getting on the hungry side! lol Really enjoyed the flavor of my Chicken w/Rice soup! Drinking lots of water. at 2:15 or so I had a banana shake. I am not too fond of banana flavoring but it was fine. I started checking my packing list for my Avon as it had arrived earlier. By 3, I had to snack so 3 celery stalks it was for me. Right now I have salmon and broccoli grilling away on the indoor grill. I am REALLY looking forward to this! lol I was going to have cauliflower but decided on just the broc for today. Jenny tells me that on the 4th day the hunger will subside and I will be feeling better. :) I feel tired and just a bit headachy. But hey, this is worth the cost of today. It will get better and I will achieve a healthier me. I keep thinking of my goals. I want to honor God first of all. I want to do this for me. I want to be a happier, healthier me! I want to do this for my family. I want to be around for them. Enjoy many years of watching my beautiful grandchildren grow and become a great grandmother. I want to walk in the zoo with them and not be out of breath and ache so much! And I do want to get on that Harley again. I miss that. Miss that time with my hubby and I know he does too. So those are my thoughts for right now. I am sure that I will have many more thoughts to share. I acknowledge that the first few days are going to be tough. And I acknowledge that I CAN do this! "I can do all things thru CHRIST who strenthens me." UPDATE: Just finished my salmon and broccoli grilled on the indoor grill. 5 oz of Copper River Salmon and 1 1/2 C broccoli. I took my time and savored every bite. I squeezed 1/4 lemon on both the fish and broc. I am feeling VERY satisfied. Not full or stuffed but satisfied. :) I am a happy girl!


Crafty Sue said...

I am happy for you too!

Jenny Berg said...

You are a joy to coach, Marcia! Love your posts.