Monday, June 13, 2011

Feeling Good!

Each day is a new day and a gift from God.  I didn't wake up feeling quite as good as yesterday but it wasn't bad either!  lol  I am finding that I like having my first medifast meal in the hot drink form as I sit and reflect on God's Word.  I take my time drinking it and it gives me my Spiritual connection for the day.  Last night I had a real treat!  My last meal was Mango Soft Serve.  Let me tell you, after taking the first bite I had to look around the room, thinking, this is almost sinful, I think I am cheating here! It was that good.  Mango would not be my favorite flavor but this was GOOD!  I told, Jenny this morning that when they come up with just plain chocolate and chocolate caramel in this soft serve, I would never have a sweets craving again in my life!  I could watch people around me eating their cake and ice cream at parties and I would site back with a satisfied smile on my face as I slowly savored each and every bite of this one!!! hahaha.  Not weighing yet.  Gotta give it time!  But thankful for a plan, a support team and a coach that is helping me get on the right track for life!

Along this same line, I found the BEST blog this morning!  The Journey to Laura  What an inspiration this woman is and how authentic and soul stirring to me are her words!   I will definitely be following her blog because she gets it!  She says the words that I, too, am feeling!  Laura is on a journey to her optimal health and also a coach for TSFL.  

She made me stop and think this morning!  I want to find the REAL me, too.  I want the old Marcia back that is under the layers of embarrassment from being overweight.  The Marcia that could reach out to others and not feel like they would look at her differently because of her weight.  The happier me.  The more contented me.  The me that is coming back with a balance in her life of Spiritual and optimal health.  It is hard to put things all out there for everyone to see, but at the same time, it is important to be real and who knows what might touch someone else and inspire them in their journey, whatever it might be! 

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Friend in the Mirror said...

Hi HDMac, Thank you for your comments on my blog this morning. I truly appreciate the encouragement! If you are in the Portland area and would like to attend, we have a friendship group called Heart Warmers that meets every 2-3 weeks. Let me know if you would like to know more! Thanks again, Laura