Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a beautiful morning!

It is one gorgeous morning this morning!  Day 2 of medifast and my journey to optimal health.  Sat down to have my devotions with my first medifast meal of the day; Cappuccino. I was pleasantly surprised by it.  I enjoyed slowly, savoring it as I poured over God's Word.  My devotion was on Consistent Godly Behavior.  "Blessed are they who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right."  Ps 106:3.  I can claim the second part of this verse for my journey also!  Isn't it fitting?  "Blessed are they...who constantly do what is right."  I am working toward changing my habits to create healthy habits!  Consistently and constantly, with a constant effort.  A verse to help me along the path. Creating optimal health in my life needs to be a balance in my life, both spiritual and health. :) 

In sharing that. I believe it is time to tell you how Take Shape for Life (TSFL) came into my life!  I have an old friend, classmate on Facebook who started posting about TSFL.  His posts about being a TSFL coach interested me, but I really didn't want to talk to a guy about my weight; especially one of the best looking guys from our class!  LOL  I considered "friending" his wife on FB because she is his partner in TSFL but I had never met her.  So I just watched and once in awhile commented on his posts.  Meanwhile all this time, I have been knowing that I need to make some changes and take charge of my weight and health. Have some health issues that I wish I wasn't dealing with!  And had of course been praying about it.  Several weeks ago, I posted on a weight related post on Steve and Jenny's certified Coach page on FB.  The Lord must have tipped Jenny off that I needed some help because low and behold, there in my request box later that day was a friend request from her!  We started exchanging emails and talking about TSFL and my need to find a healthier life path.  From there a friendship and coaching relationship has bloomed!  I really appreciate her!  She is a fantastic coach!  She knows her stuff!

It is amazing to me to see how God works in our lives!  Bringing just the person(s) that you need at just the right time.  PTL!~

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