Sunday, June 19, 2011

~ Consistency ~

Consistency - being constant.  I have been meditating on those words.  Honestly, I have a problem being consistent.  Not in my "professional" life or with others, but with MYSELF.  I can be a consistent, constant devoted friend.  I can be consistent good worker.  I can follow thru and do a good job with an organizational assignment or commitment but when it comes to being consistent with myself, I fail.  I don't consistently exercise and it is important.  I am not consistent with my devotions and that is important to my spiritual growth.  I am not consistent with putting something back where it belongs and that is crucial to the organization to my home.   I think that part of it is that I don't consider myself as important as someone else.  My husband is more important, my children, my friends, all others rate over me.  And perhaps that has contributed to the failure in the past to consistently lose weight and keep it off.  In following my weight loss journey, there have been temptations.  Just yesterday, I fixed nummy sockeye salmon for dinner.  I weighed my portion and ate it.  Later as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I was SO tempted to take just a bite more of the leftovers.  Can't hurt, can it?  Did I take it?  No, I didn't.  I resisted.  I chose to be consistent in my plan.  Watching TV an ad came on for a new ice cream bar.  Man it looks good.  Hmmm, maybe I could buy one and just try it.... it won't hurt will it?  Well, you know, I could cheat.  I could take that extra bite and it probably wouldn't be enough to hurt me. And i could go out and buy that ice cream bar and probably set my plan back two days by doing so. It wouldn't hurt someone else, BUT it WOULD hurt me.  It would reinforce a bad habit rather than the habit of consistency.  In this journey to optimal health, I am learning Habits of Health.  Those habits need to include consistency.  So, I am practicing, conscientiously to be consistent, a constant in my plan and in my life.  :P  It is important.

I really appreciate all the support that you are giving me.  Your comments really do encourage me.  With the support of my coach and my friends and family, I am going to succeed!  PTL!

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